Don’t forget the eggs

Stuart Watkins

Watching shoppers maneuver grocery carts

around aisles crammed and jammed

with spur-of-the-moment items

designed to entice those without lists

of truly needed necessities

cart nudges lower stack of canned goods

stack topples

cans scatter

shopper scurries to next aisle

kids standing in grocery cart

reaching for cereal boxes

mother talking on cell phone

one kid teeters

grabs the other’s arm

both fall

not hurt

cereal boxes smashed

Cheerios and Corn Flakes intermingle on floor

mom grabs kids by arms

lifts both into cart

yells at them to stay seated

street person stuffs cake

inside inside-pocket of ragged coat

looks around

reaches for box of cookies

cookies fit inside another inside pocket

teenager nervously

looks over whiskey bottles

selects Jack Daniels

walks out the front sliding glass doors

starts running

no one pursues

insurance situation

found organic gallon of milk

found a dozen organic eggs

go to self-check-out counter



drive home