Dog Park keeps home values up

Large dogs love to frolic at the SB Dog Park. Photo by D.Y. Aaron.

Diane Aaron

Retirees love communities with areas that allow for amenities such as golf courses, craft studios, fitness centers, swimming pools, spas and the like. Communities exactly like SaddleBrooke. But Americans are also spending more money than ever on their four-legged companions and of those households, the majority are dog owners, according to the American Pet Products Association.

That can make community pet amenities like the SaddleBrooke Dog Park even more desirable—even increasing nearby home values. A clean dog park with plenty of well-trained dogs enjoying it can make a neighborhood look and feel friendlier. At a dog park, dogs and owners can bond, train and enjoy amazing treats such as bully sticks with each other! If you are unaware as to why dogs love bully sticks so much, you can learn more about them and even get some of your own.

“Dog parks are a huge draw, especially in neighborhoods where houses have small or no yards,” says Lynn Slaten, a realtor with Long Realty and one of the sponsors of the SB Dog Park.

Terri Maxey, a SB Dog Park Member, former Dog Park Board Member and a Realtor with Long Realty, believes her clients are relieved to learn that SaddleBrooke has its own Dog Park. “In today’s world, Dog Parks are important for proper socialization for both dogs and people,” said Maxey. “Many human friendships are made in the Dog Park.”

Kathleen Dunbar, President of the SB Dog Park and longtime animal welfare activist, firmly believes that many dogs are turned in to animal shelters because of behavioral issues. A bored dog may become a destructive dog. An hour at the dog park will give a dog exercise equivalent to a dozen walks on a leash in terms of physical and mental benefits for the dog. However, few dog owners are able to take their dog to a park such as this for their walks due to their location and a lack of time. That is why many dog owners prefer to seek out alternative arrangements for the responsibilities of walking their dog. Flexible and reliable dog walking services can be found on the internet at places such as, and if you are looking to give your dog more of stimulating walking experience, they may be worth checking out if your time restraints limit how often you walk your pup.

“The dog park is perfect for those seniors who love their larger dogs, but don’t have the strength or stamina to walk five miles a day, especially in the heat. Bringing their dog to the park solves the problem for both human and dog. Dog parks also promote safety because the pet owners are not walking on busy streets. In Arizona we don’t have green grassy yards, another plus for bringing your dog to the Dog Park. All our dogs love the grass in the Dog Park,” said Dunbar.

Information on how to join the dog park is available on the website “We strive to keep our park clean, beautiful and safe,” says Dunbar, “just like SaddleBrooke.”