Bill Grow’s Ace makes number seven

Bob Edelblut

April is almost over and thanks to Bill Grow the Men’s Club has now recorded seven holes-in-one this year! Yes, if you are asking, this is a lot for a four-month period. Keep it up, gentlemen! On Saturday, April 21 Bill was playing the Preserve with his regular Saturday group. John Cleghorn, Larry Meyer and Dan Linegar were his partners and witnesses to his third hole-in-one, his first since moving to SaddleBrooke several years ago. It happened on the fourth hole and based on Bill’s club selection for his shot I am assuming he was pumped when he reached the tee. Listen to this—his distance was just under 140 yards and he used his pitching wedge! I’m impressed! Can any of you ever remember hitting a pitching wedge that far? Congratulations one more time and, Bill, your seat on our Hole-in-One Train is reserved.

Bill grew up in Northeast Ohio and was only seven when he started playing this game with his father. His first clubs were hand me downs that his dad cut to a length that accommodated Bill’s size. Good memories and a great story! Bill also remembers fondly the dozens of reasonably priced well-groomed public courses that he grew up playing all the time.