Democratic Club news

Jim Vavra

Vote smart or vote dumb! was the admonition of our guest speaker at the October 13 meeting. Adelaide Kimball, Senior Advisor and Founding Board Member of Project Vote Smart, presented Project Vote Smart: Your Gateway to Politicians, their Backgrounds and the Positions They have Taken. She provided an internet-based orientation to the capabilities and usability of the Project Vote Smart website. A powerful application, the website appears to be a very useful tool with which to access timely information about all of our representative’s positions on issues and their actual voting records. Presented in a non-partisan fashion, the information is well organized and valuable to all users, no matter their political leanings.

Adelaide is a graduate of the University of Texas and holds master’s degrees in American History and Library Science from the University of Arizona. She is a former Archivist for the Arizona Historical Society and has previously directed Vote Smart’s National Political Awareness Test (now the Political Courage Test). She is currently responsible for Major Giver Development and Media for the organization.

On November 10 our guest speaker will be Tom O’Halleran. Tom has declared as a Democratic Candidate running to fill the opening in Congressional District 1 as a result of Ann Kirpatrick’s decision to run for the U.S. Senate. Tom, a resident of Sedona, was previously a Chicago Police Officer and Homicide Investigator, a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and a consultant on design and integration of technology for financial trading floors. And, importantly, Tom was also previously a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives before changing his party affiliation. Plan to be at the meeting where Tom will present his ideas and positions on the issues that will determine the future of Arizona as he seeks your vote.

Each monthly meeting of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club is held on the second Tuesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. in the HOA 1 Activity Center, 64518 East Galveston Lane, SaddleBrooke, Arizona 85739.