December 2020 Calendar Girl: MountainView Lady Niner Is Sue Skeen

Eileen J Snearly and Sue Skeen

“Hello, I am Sue Skeen. My husband Steve and I moved to SaddleBrooke last January from near Huntsville, Ala. We lived most of our life in the Washington, DC area. After retirement, we followed grandchildren only to realize that rural NW Minnesota was too rural and cold. Alabama was too hot and humid. We do miss seeing our grandchildren every day.”

Sue was a first-grade teacher for many years until they opened a premium cigar store. What a fun business that was! Her husband Steve was going to take early retirement, but 9/11 happened. He was a counter terrorism officer at the CIA and that option was gone. She quit teaching and became a full-time tobacconist.

After selling that business, Sue started a quilt sewing shop. She did trade embroidery shows for a dozen years, and taught embellishment at the shows. Now she just enjoys sewing for those she loves.

Sue is a new golfer and finding it a lot more fun than expected. She admits not being particularly good but is taking lessons and classes. Too bad league days seem to be the worst.

“I am so happy to be part of the Niners. You all have been very encouraging as I struggle to learn,” Sue said.