Dance Instructor Turns 90

Unit 44A friends and line dancers celebrating Nancy Parker’s 90th birthday (photo by Dan Kasperski)

Nancy Parker enjoying her surprise birthday party!

Linda Berg and Paulette Kasperski

On April 22, eight dance students honored their much-loved line dance instructor Nancy Parker. Resplendent in black cowboy hats, boots, and matching red shirts, they greeted her with gifts and homemade cupcakes following their normal Monday line dance class at the DesertView clubhouse.

As was their practice, it was common for them all to meet at the MountainView Bar and Grill for dinner following each class. That’s where Linda Berg and Lynne Castleberry, two of Nancy’s dance students, planned and organized a surprise 90th birthday celebration for her, complete with posters, a canvas portrait, an orchid plant, crocheted items, a tiara, sash, and balloons.

Because everyone who knows Nancy loves her, she was also greeted by nearly 30 additional friends and neighbors, many of them residents of Unit 44A and surrounding units who were invited to the event. In a heartwarming display of support, there was an almost 100% participation rate among those who were invited. Needless to say, Nancy was surprised and shocked to see such a large group of neighbors waiting with balloons, cards, posters, and flowers just for her.

Nancy has been living in Unit 44A since December of 2021, having moved to SaddleBrooke from her summer home in Bend, Ore., and her winter home in Palm Desert, Calif. She moved here with her husband Bob and immediately asked if anyone would like to learn line dancing, as she had been teaching line dancing for over 20 years in Oregon and California. Nancy proceeded to reserve a room for the group on Mondays in the Mariposa Room at DesertView immediately upon her arrival and has been teaching her classes there ever since.

For all of those who know her, Nancy’s energy, happy spirit, and zest for life have been an inspiration to all of us in our 60s, 70s, and 80s. It is thus with great affection that we all wish Nancy a Happy 90th Birthday!