Cyclemasters Sports Themed Valentine’s Ride!

B.J. Murray

The Cyclemasters Club never has a boring moment. Every ride and every event have a story to tell. Today we are featuring what we did on Valentine’s Day!

Gail Thom, our club co-president, put together a sports themed ride on Feb. 13 where club members were given the challenge to ride to several different sports themed sites in SaddleBrooke. We started at the MountainView Clubhouse and were challenged to ride to as many areas as we could in 60 minutes. Sites were at the Preserve pickleball courts, Catalina Starter Shack, MountainView tennis courts, DesertView pool, MountainView softball field, then back to the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center (parking lot). One group (our HOT Shots) made it to five of six locations. Most of our members made it to four of the locations. Either way we had a blast riding our bikes to the different places, pedaling as fast as we could.

Members collected a ticket at each location that then went into a drawing for prizes at the end.

Several RoadRunner gift certificates were given away as well as plenty of bike tire repair kits.

We also got an affirmative vote on our 2021 budget, proving our co-presidents know how to hold a business meeting even in the midst of the COVID virus.

The group concluded the event, with breakfast over at the RoadRunner.

If you are interested in joining SaddleBrooke Cyclemasters, you can join for only $10 per year.

We do regular inside SaddleBrooke rides on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Checkout SaddleBrooke Cyclemasters start times to see what time specifically to meet the other riders. All levels of riders are invited and supported—Hotshots (10 to 12+ mph), Semi-hots (10 to 12 mph), Sensibles (8 to 10 mph), and Casuals (6 to 10 mph). No rider left behind.

We also do several rides outside SaddleBrooke. Get times and routes from Mike Hart at [email protected], Dan Hoshino at [email protected], or Rod Hutton at [email protected] Times vary. Outside rides are typically 30 to 50+ miles.

E-bikes are welcome.