Catalina Time Walkers’ spring tours

Sandi Newberry (right) presents flowers to outgoing President Marilyn Bertke.

Sandi Newberry (right) presents flowers to outgoing President Marilyn Bertke.

Nancy Harling

The highlight of the Catalina Timewalkers Chapter of Questers tour of the Kannally Ranch House at Oracle State Park in April was viewing Lee Kannally’s WWI journal. The display case holding the fragile journal was purchased with a donation from the Catalina Timewalkers.

The Kannally Ranch House was built from 1929 to 1932. This hillside home is unique in that it contains four living levels but no bedrooms. Although plans were drawn for a four bedroom addition in 1937, it was never built. At its largest, the ranch covered almost 50,000 acres. In 1952 all but 4000 acres were sold and in 1976 the youngest Kannally, Lucille, bequeathed the land and buildings to the Defenders of Wildlife. The land was transferred to the Arizona Parklands Foundation in 1985.

In May the Catalina Timewalkers were treated to a docent led tour of Tohono Chul Park. At the patio brunch following the tour, the officers for 2014-2015 were announced: Sandi Newberry, president; Paula Radtke, vice-president; Gerry Burnside, secretary; Linda Holt, treasurer; and Pegge Wittmann, historian.

Questers, founded in 1944, consists of more than 900 chapters with over 15,000 members in the United States and Canada. The Catalina Timewalkers’ purpose is to stimulate the appreciation of antiques through study and to encourage the restoration/preservation of historic landmarks. For further information contact Catalina Timewalkers’ president Sandi Newberry at 818-0199.