Cat lovers get together

PJ and Sandra Joubert

Mark your calendars as we are holding the first Cat Lovers get-together to learn from one another.

We are having a Cat Lovers get together on November 18 at 2:30 p.m. in the MountainView Saguaro Room. Tell all your friends that love cats to attend and join in on the discussion of ideas.

This is not a get-together where you bring your pet.

We will be opening this meeting to announce what this gathering is all about and how we want future meetings.

We are waiting response on a guest speaker.

Some suggested topics for discussion:

How often would you like to meet?

Topics you would like to have discussed

What veterinary recommendations – good or bad

Toys that work and don’t work to keep your cat occupied

What do you do that keeps your cat healthy?

Ideas on how to keep your cat active

One cat or more? What works for you?

Do you keep your cat inside?

Does it work to take your cat out for a walk on leash?

Ideas for future speakers

This is just a start for topics of discussion for future gatherings.