Cardio Belly Dance is fun!

Debbie Fiskum

Let’s burn those calories with a workout that’s different and effective. Cardio Belly Dance will get your heart rate up and help you firm up those problem areas.

Think it’s too hard? Katia teaches easy Belly Dance moves to authentic dance music and makes it flow together. You’ll find yourself building one move on the other and then repeating the sequence.

Think you can’t do the move perfectly? Just do your best and enjoy the new experience. Belly Dance is different. The music is intoxicating. The rhythms are ancient and mesmerizing. This is  cardio re-done!

When: Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to noon

Where: Mesquite Fitness Center

How much: $5 per class (first one is free)

Get tickets at the HOA 2 Administration Office.

What do I wear? Wear comfortable workout clothes and if you have a coin belt or long, silky scarf, bring that along. If not, just come and try it out. You can get creative with your outfit if you want. Try a long skirt or palazzo pants. Add a tank top and you’re set. For more information, contact the HOA 2 Office and Katia.

Put a little fun into your fitness routine!