Can you believe it?

Bob White

October, November and now December – and the square dance students of the Class of 2018, as of December 10, are practicing Lesson 10, more than half way through the mainstream portion of the classes. In just a few more weeks they will have completed 19 lessons and can be on their way to their first square dance festival over in Yuma, Arizona. Does time fly here in SaddleBrooke or what?

October arrived and with it, many of our dancers who have been traveling all around the country (and even parts of the world) are back to join in our weekly Thursday night square dances in the Mountain View Clubhouse Ballroom. They were welcomed back with a square dance and picnic at Catalina State Park. Lots of dancing, lots of great shared food and a very long extension cord across a road and two picnic areas to deliver the electricity for our caller’s (Larry Kraber) music recordings and microphone.

We had barely caught our breath when it was time for our yearly Halloween dance, this year at the Catalina Recreation Center. Again, the tricks and treat basket that provides candies for most of the year’s dances was filled to overflowing from all the generous donations. Costumes were not a requirement, but there were a lot of weird and funny-looking folks out on the dance floor.

As November took over from October, plans were in the making for a Christmas Party. SaddleBrooke ONE provides us with their activity center for an evening of social fun. This party probably took place just a day or so before you are now reading this article. This is the time of the year that brings out the fun and good cheer of the season. As I write this article, I see plans down the road for the singing, dancing, camaraderie and (once again) loaded tables bending with salads, entrees and desserts. Hey, square dancing builds up a good appetite, as does the heady fragrance and odors of delicious home-cooked and shared food.

Well, hardly is the Christmas party over when we move right into January and our Progressive dinner, but more on that another time.

Meanwhile, residents of the Ranch, SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO are welcome to join us. Experienced dancer? Come on into the MV ballroom, Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., or if your interest is tweaked and you think you might want to learn some steps and calls come by and watch a dance and keep an eye open for October 2018 when all this starts all over again. Time flies, it will be here soon.

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