Calling all Shih Tzus!

Dolores Robu

Our fall season started with a meeting at the home of Ping, Mayli and Nala, Dolores and Ted Robu on Saturday, October 3. It was a casual meeting with time to swap stories of summer fun and ideas for future meetings. It also included our fall weigh in. We must keep track of those extra summer pounds. Much has happened since our last meeting in April and we were ready to celebrate Ping’s eleventh birthday, as well as many other events.

SaddleBrooke Shih Tzus had a very busy spring season. In February about 20 Shih Tzus and their humans hosted Dr. Dimitri Brown, DVM, from Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson.

In March, SaddleBrooke Shih Tzus and their families were invited to Claire’s Cafe in Catalina (next to the Catalina Hardware store on the East side of the street). Claire reserved the outside patio for the SaddleBrooke Shih Tzus and their families.

Just like being in Europe—where pups are welcome in all restaurants.

Yes, our Shih Tzus were on leash, but the patio is fenced in so we were somewhat protected from passersby.

Claire Johnson, owner of Claire’s Café and Gallery, is well known for her amazing generosity to the people of the area by serving a free Thanksgiving meal to all who wish to come, as well as many homebound people, on the day before Thanksgiving. Claire has been providing this meal for over 25 years.

Our final meeting for this spring was held in April.

All Shih Tzus are invited to the Blessing of the Pets which will be hosted by Toby and our Pet blesser, Reverend CJ Wright, at 64503 E. Round Robin Lane.

SBSTC is a free club for Shih Tzu families; no dues ever.

All SaddleBrooke Shih Tzus are welcome to bring their human family members to help see that everyone is safe and having fun.

If you have a Shih Tzu, are thinking of being owned by a Shih Tzu or just want to see 30 Shih Tzus off leash—no fights, no barking, no biting—come, we will make a believer out of you. If you have questions or need directions call Dolores Robu at 825-8980/ [email protected] or Kass Newman at 444-1365 [email protected].