Busy times for SBWGA-18

Ret Convey

On February 6, SBWGA enjoyed a delicious beef brisket lunch after a beautiful morning of golf. Deb Finn kicked off the meeting by reading some quotes from Wisdom of Golf and then got down to business.

AWGA Information and Outreach Programs Manager Kelly Hollister came from Phoenix to present the GemAward. We gave a round of applause to Bernie, Andy and Mike Roddy for making this honor possible. Lady Niners Vice President Charlotte Crossman and Tournament Chair Charlotte James were also in attendance to show their appreciation.

Kelly told us about the 2015 AWGA Club Directory and Tournament Calendar which is packed with information about women’s golf in Arizona.

Molly introduced three new members and we would like to welcome Maureen Breheim, Martha Young and Gayle Heaton.

Reenie Romey said there will be a larger sweeps payout for individual games: $10 for first place, $8 for second and $6 for third.

She reported that there will be changes made to Ace Day and some minor By-Law changes. In addition, we have a new Local Rule change: Until further notice we are permitted to tamp down scuff marks on the green.

Judy Fick reported that President’s Cup is well underway and she and Reenie are busy with pairings for the event. Judy also asked for anyone interested in co-chairing July 14 Guest Day to contact her.

Kay Kunze reported that the Club Championship sign-up sheet is available in the computer room. In addition to the R/Y tee option, and flighted Red Tee option, there is an exciting new event, a Senior Club Championship. This event is flighted and open to any member, aged 72 or over, in 2015. Kay has graciously volunteered to host the Club Championship Party and the sign-up sheet will be available shortly. Thank you, Kay!

Phyllis Taylor reminded us about the Sadie Hawkins event. There will be a FTF on that day.

Karen and Angie are working with Bernie getting the Quail Classic organized. Angie encouraged our casual golf groups to consider donating to the event and thanked the volunteers who have offered help.

The price for the event is $170 and it is very important that they have an accurate count for the Welcome Barbecue, so please fill out your application as soon as possible.

Sandra Murray asked for volunteers to loan golf carts for the Catalina Cup event which SaddleBrooke will be hosting on March 9. She also asked for help scoring and at the registration table. Assistance with the car/cart parking is appreciated as well.

Our January Aces were Low Gross-Lee Anne McClelland 81, and Abbie Egolf, Low Net, 66.

Ret Convey received her Break 90 Pin in January.