British Car Club

Do you own a British car? Maybe an MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Mini, Austin Healey, Range Rover, etc.? It does not have to be an antique! It can be a modern “LBC” (Little British Car) with air conditioning even … LOL!

Come join us for breakfast and an occasional “caravan.” We are waiting for temperatures to get a little cooler before we do a caravan (so some of the older cars don’t overheat … lol), but we also like to get together occasionally to “kick the tires” and share repair ideas and advice.

Some of us met at the car show last June, and a few of us thought it would be a good idea to form a club. If you love your British car and would like to get together with like-minded folks here at SaddleBrooke, let us know. There are only six of us (so far), but we’re hoping that more will join when the snowbirds get here.

We don’t have a set schedule yet to get together but will firm up a schedule when more people decide to join us. One email you can use to contact us is [email protected]. Send your name, phone number, email, and type of car, and we will happily include you in our get-togethers.

Hope to see you soon!