Reproductive Rights Gaining Support in SaddleBrooke

Karen Schickedanz

As of mid-December, more than 1,400 SaddleBrooke residents have signed a nonpartisan petition supporting the Arizona Abortion Access Act. The petition drive is part of a statewide effort to let voters decide next November whether the right to an abortion should be part of the Arizona Constitution.

Nearly 400,000 valid signatures have to be gathered statewide by July 3 to get the proposition onto the ballot. In SaddleBrooke, the aim is to collect at least 4,000 signatures and, so far, SaddleBrooke leads in the number of registered voters who have signed the petition in State Legislative District 17.

“We have been gratified by the response from SaddleBrooke,” said Claire Cordon, one of the two residents leading the petition drive here. “Men and women of all political persuasions have signed—even if they personally wouldn’t have chosen to have an abortion. That’s because they believe every woman should be able to make her own decision, along with her doctor and loved ones, rather than have the government dictate to her.”

Claire, a retired attorney, and Sharon Cotter, a retired intensive care nurse, organized a team of volunteers beginning in October to gather signatures via open house signing opportunities throughout SaddleBrooke. Open houses and other means of contact will continue this year.

If you are a SaddleBrooke resident who is a registered voter in Pinal County and haven’t yet signed the petition or would like more information, please contact Sharon Cotter at 520-861-3377.