Bravo Broadway

Ann Vernon

Who doesn’t love Broadway tunes? Obviously 25 SaddleBrooke residents do based on their attendance at one of the Treats and Talents Fixed Price auction events held in January. Thanks to Betty Hughes who introduced us to her piano teacher Mary Martin Stockdale, this event began to take shape. Ms. Stockdale agreed to donate her talent, Jean and Sheldon Israel offered to open their home for the event and use their grand piano and Ann and Nile Vernon, Pam and Clark Hall, Victoria and Carter Wareing and Joyce and Gary Shaw volunteered to co-host the event providing wine and appetizers which guests enjoyed as they listened to the music.

Not only is Mary Martin Stockdale a talented musician, but so are her young adult daughters Emily and Grace who just happened to be in town visiting. What a treat to hear them sing and perform with their mother! It was definitely a highlight of the evening to see three wonderful performers share their talents.

This event was just one of the many Treats and Talents Auction fixed price events offered by the SaddleBrooke Treats and Talents Auction. It’s as simple as that. The 2013 auction was a huge success, generating over $38,000 that is donated to worthy charities such as SaddleBrooke Community Outreach, Impact (formerly CCS), Youth on Their Own, SaddleBrooke Coalition Against Domestic Violence and others. Be watching the papers for the date announcing the 2015 auction which will be held in March or early April. This auction is a SaddleBrooke event and we welcome participation and donations from anyone in this community. For more information check out the website at