Beyond Books

Renee Mazin

You may have visited the DesertView Library, but have you really explored it? We have materials to engage all your senses, especially your eyes and ears.

While DVDs may not be in fashion for streamers, they are still a prized resource for many of our patrons. We have a selection that includes the best available in recent releases from theaters and television. Our DVDs include shows from television, movie theaters, and even some of those cable channels that you may have decided not to pay more to access. I didn’t think I would be interested, but haggling with a cable company when the rates seem to increase with more frequency can make this an attractive choice.

The newest movie DVDs are available for three-day loans, while older ones can be checked out for a week. If you don’t see what you want on the shelves in the front of the library, don’t forget to check out the last aisle where the DVD television series can be located. They can be checked out for two weeks.

While you are in the farthest aisle of the library, spin towards the back wall. There you will find audiobook CDs. Most are multi-discs that work well in a CD player. Others are MP3 audios, which will work in the car’s DVD player (regular CDs work there, too). They’re perfect for an upcoming road trip, since audios may be checked out for 28 days. I never thought I would enjoy audio books. When would I have the time to listen? I’m not going on a road trip, but a simple trip to a doctor’s appointment or driving to Costco can be almost 30 minutes both ways!

Audiobooks are also a great choice for those with vision issues. If you’re no longer able to read a book, you can still enjoy your favorite authors and find some new ones in the library’s audiobook collection. As we age, there are reasons why holding a book can also be difficult. If you’ve been unlucky enough to break a bone in your wrist or arm, you know what we mean!

In the front of the library, large print (LP) books can be found on the long shelves facing you when you enter the library. Like many of you, I thought LP books were really for people with vision problems. I didn’t want to read an LP book because I don’t have vision problems, I thought it would be harder to read LP titles, and the books are so heavy (none of this is true). But I have noticed that, for me, the print on pharmacy notices and magazines is getting smaller and smaller. Do I have vision problems (in denial here)? Or to misquote Norma Desmond, I am liking big LPs because it is the print in books that got small, not my desire to read! Newer LP books are available in our New Books section on the window wall opposite the checkout desk. A great selection of LP books can also be found in the Cholla Library in the MountainView clubhouse and the SaddleBrooke One Library.

The Friends of SaddleBrooke Libraries (FSL) provides the funding to purchase new books, DVDs, and audiobooks for the SaddleBrooke Community Libraries. If you are not a member of FSL, learn more at their website To learn more about the libraries, visit