Be Pawsitive on Purpose in Your Community!

Volunteer weekly or monthly with at least two visits a year for Pawsitive Friendships, a 98% volunteer-run organization that has made a difference in the special needs community since 2014. Pawsitive Friendships is expanding to Pima County, and we would love your help!

The organization was founded by a determined autism mom who used her French bulldog Zoe to help her son progress with his occupational therapy. Using his progress as a model, she grew the fledgling organization to include 135 therapy teams, now serving more than 1,500 individuals in Maricopa County.

Pawsitive Friendships goes beyond traditional animal therapy by providing speech and occupational-based lessons, coupled with the unconditional support of therapy animals, to help each individual achieve their goals in special education schools, early intervention programs, and adult day programs.

The biggest demand is for animal therapy teams. These are “people-loving pets” and their owners who provide encouragement and support to achieve the goals of each lesson. Most of our teams include dogs, but what makes Pawsitive Friendships unique is not only the goal-oriented lessons, but the use of dogs, cats, pigs, goats, rabbits, mini horses, and more unconditionally loving animals!

There are opportunities for those without animals, too! Contact us for more information about ways to join this fresh new way to make a difference. To learn how you can make a “pawsitive” impact in the Tucson special needs community, contact us at [email protected], or you can call 520-850-3781.