August Calendar Girl

Eileen J. Snearly

When COVID-19 arrived in Tucson, the cancelations of scheduled social events have consequently impacted the Lady Niners.  All the stories that kept our golf group relevant to SaddleBrooke residents and our members are absent from the community news.

Considering these circumstances, I have decided to publish personal stories about our niners by interviewing members for a “Niner of The Month” article.  These ladies will be chosen at random.

Beth Effenberger is a second-generation Californian. She graduated from Berkeley and taught school in Orange County, Calif., for 30 years.

Beth began playing golf during college to meet requirements for completion of her degree.

She moved to SaddleBrooke in 2004 with her husband George who has since died.

Her sister Susie lives in Tucson, Ariz., and brother Bill lives in Laguna, Calif.

Beth has three children, eight grandchildren, and her first great-granddaughter is due in December.

The SaddleBrooke community keeps her busy playing golf and bridge, lunch with friends, and the reading of many books.