Attn: “Puzzlers” of the Brooke

Pat Schlote


It all brings pleasure to those of us who enjoy the challenges of putting together Jig Saw puzzles.

You will be pleased to know that we have re-established a location for residents in SaddleBrooke to choose from a variety of puzzles (250 to 2,000 pieces).

Clean those shelves of your puzzles and donate them to the SaddleBrooke Puzzlers Group; just leave them in the cabinet for others to enjoy.

It is based on the honor system; borrow a puzzle any time and return it when finished (there will be no monitoring). Enjoy!

Location: SaddleBrooke II MountainView; cabinet/armoire in the hallway by the meeting rooms across from the ballroom.

Questions/comments? Contact Magery Nemura at [email protected] or Pat Schlote at [email protected].