Art Guild Takes Its Spring Show, or Rather, Its Patrons, On the Road

LaVerne Kyriss

This year, the SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild is trying a new format and new venues for its annual spring art show.

Traditionally held in the MountainView Clubhouse at SaddleBrooke TWO, the guild was faced with what to do in light of the ongoing pandemic, the unavailability of the ballroom, and concern for large groups of people gathering in any space for an extended time.

“We know many SaddleBrooke homeowners look forward to our show and we look forward to displaying, and selling, our work, so we had to get creative while staying safe,” guild president Karen Brungardt said.

The 2021 show will be held in a variety of outdoor locations around SaddleBrooke. Set for March 27, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., guild artists are setting up displays of their work at their, or fellow artists’, garages, patios, and backyards.

“We are taking a cue from the successful Arts and Crafts Fair, held earlier in the year around SaddleBrooke—but with fewer venues and a focus on fine arts,” said show committee member Delys Nast.

The show expects to feature 30 or more artists showing their work at about 20 locations across SaddleBrooke. Residents will get details about the artists and show locations in their mailbox tubes about a week before the show.

“This way, people can map out a route that suits their needs and visit as many or as few artists as they desire. It’s similar to a studio tour, but because of the virus, we’re not actually going inside anyone’s studio,” Jenni Long explained.

Show-goers are required to wear masks and maintain social distance at all venues. Hand sanitizer will be available at all locations.

Mark your calendar for March 27 and watch for show details in your mailbox tube.