Art Class Instructor: Janet Frost

SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild instructor Janet Frost

Connie Kotke, Publicity Chair

The SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild ( offers a wide range of art classes for beginners to experts—right here in the Topaz Room in the Arts & Crafts Center at MountainView clubhouse. Our instructors are remarkably talented, and they love to teach! This month, we highlight Janet Frost who teaches digital art.

Q: What can you tell us about your artistic journey?

A: I played with photography for most of my life. At age 50, I decided I would truly learn the principles of photography—with a focus on travel photos. Moving to SaddleBrooke catapulted my skills to the next level. With such rich landscapes all around us, who can resist taking picture in the Southwest?

However, never wanting to follow the crowd, I quickly tired of taking the same photos of a moon, a bird, a waterfall that everyone else had taken. That’s why I dove into digital art. This cutting-edge (and sometimes controversial) art medium truly leverages my curiosity and creativity.

As for fiber arts, I’ve been involved in some form of “fiber” forever. My mother and grandmother passed on their need to create using sewing skills. In my adult life, I have quilted and knitted. Here in SaddleBrooke, I discovered weaving and have set up looms in my home.

Q: How long have you lived in this area?

A: We’ve been here since 2019. People say that I never stop moving, so I was attracted by the nice weather and the mountains!

Q: What is your philosophy about teaching?

A: I am an advocate of lifelong learning and believe that anyone can learn anything. My Digital Art classes are an interesting mix of technical knowledge and artistic manual skills—both overlaid with wonderful whimsy.

Q: Where can we find your work?

A: You can typically find me at the annual Fine Arts Guild Show in February. My Instagram account is