Another very successful Golden Goose story

For those of you who are Goose shoppers and those of you who plan to but haven’t yet, this is a very interesting true story, happening just before the Christmas holiday.

As we are aware, most donations to the Goose come from the homes of those who have moved to this area from other parts of the country. This is a story about a dining table and chairs purchased years ago from an art gallery in Sedona. The hand-sculpted table and four chairs were designed and built by a model maker and outstanding artist who held both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts degree in furniture design. He developed a very unique design and fabrication process that involved bending wood laminates into functional sculpture. The proud purchasers of this most functional “art” aged as we all do and when things changed in their lives they donated the table and chairs to the Goose. We are very proud of our pricers at the Goose and upon seeing the table and chairs knew they had something unique and valuable. Following extensive research on these pieces, the pricers found that the artist now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Continuing the story, they located him and called him explaining the pieces that had been donated to the Goose. Proving how proud an artist is of his work, he offered to drive to Tucson and ended up buying back this same table and chairs for himself! So when someone tells you “You never know what you might find at the Goose,” you certainly can believe them.