An Enormous Challenge—Reached, with Fantastic Results!

Valerie Metz

A short time after the stay at home restrictions were applied, thoughts of how to keep busy started stirring. Hearing about a SB lady, Maggie DeBone, who donated each year to the Apache Indian Children on the reservation in Casa Grande, raised an idea of donating handmade quilts for each child.

Not realizing at the time there was a need for 120 quilts for the elementary children ages five to 12 years old, this was definitely going to be an enormous challenge.

Faced with the need for cotton fabric, batting, and sewing supplies, a call was put out on Nextdoor for contributions. Through the overwhelming generosity of so many residents of both SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke TWO, material poured in, money was donated to purchase batting, and the project was on its way.

Through countless volunteers of both quilters and sewers, the fabric was cut into squares, sewn together in random colorful patterns, and quilts were being assembled faster than thought possible. The deadline for the project was the first week in December. The project was such an overwhelming success, that our 120 quilts were completed the first week in October.

Many hours of dedicated work went into this project and the following people are owed a wonderful debt of gratitude and an awesome mention of appreciation for all their help:

Fabric donators: Wendie Nelson, Gloria Stuart, Marilyn Moisio, Patsy Ticknor, Ginny Berkey, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Bin Davis, Ted and Janet Dewing, Linda Robinson, Pat Morris, Pat Anrea, and many others from the Quilter’s group.

Monetary Donations: Gary and Ruth Warren, Rick and Paula Vogel, Rick Carlson, Kathy Taylor, Brook and Jack McIntyre, and Susan Alan.

Cutters: Della Simm (friend Janet), Mona Lightfoot and Val Metz.

Quilters and Sewers: Marcia Webster, Linda Bradner, Peggy Williams, Barbara Leesley, Karen Nebleck, Ann Bershaw, Carolann Small, Mary Ellen White, Tina Scott, Rick Carlson, Dan Fristoe, Sandi Newberry, Sharon Ingle, Shawn Cryderman, Susan Allen, Pam Carrigan, Takeyo Eakin, Gerda Zenith, Judi Brauns, and Janet Jarzambinski.

Project Manager: Valerie Metz.