All aboard the Cha Cha Choo Choo train

The beginners Cha Cha class.

The beginners Cha Cha class.

Little did the thirty dancers who attended the Let’s Dance Club’s Cha Cha beginning level class, taught by Linda and Barry Moore, know that they would be hopping aboard the Cha Cha Choo-Choo Train for four weeks of fabulous fun and instruction.

Yes, the students actually moved into a single line holding on to each other forming a train so they could feel the Latin beat of the Cha Cha rhythm. The dancers, with their partners, were moving around the floor in no time navigating cross over breaks, free spins, progressive basics, cross body leads and shadow switches all taught under the watchful, patient, often amusing eyes of Barry and Linda who made the class a joy to take.

Let’s Dance Ballroom Club provides a non-threatening, fun arena in which to learn a variety of ballroom dances under the tutelage of volunteers who live in SaddleBrooke and are seasoned dancers themselves.

Tom and Ann Kurtz teach Night Club Two Step the month of April. Claudia Booth and Barry Moore teach East Coast Swing the month of May and Dave Poferl and Mary Borkovec teach Merengue the month of June. You don’t want to miss these easy going fun dance classes. All classes are taught every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Vermilion Room, HOA1. To sign up for any or all of these classes please contact Claudia Booth at [email protected] or Tom and Ann Kurtz at tomanndance There is a nominal fee of $10 per year per person which gives you membership in both Let’s Dance Ballroom Club and the SaddleBrooke Ballroom Club.

You can find us on Facebook, Let’s Dance Club of SaddleBrooke, where pictures and dance information are posted.

If you missed the Cha Cha Train be sure to hop aboard the Night Club Two Step cruise ship in April.

When in doubt, just dance!