A Letter to Grandma and Grandpa

Linda Rosenkrans

In SaddleBrooke, where the desert sands reside,

Grandma and Grandpa, with grace and pride,

Juggle their days with laughter and cheer,

Preparing for Christmas, a time they hold dear.

Between working Midnight Madness at the Goose,

And their 8 o’clock tee time at MountainView,

They find moments to visit Riley’s Place,

Their foo foo doggie, they never misplace.

TRX training with Janis, they embark,

Keeping fit and strong, leaving no mark.

On Monday evenings, it’s Texas Hold’em,

Their poker faces, unbeatable, like a gem.

But above all the activities and fun,

They dance the night away with Dale and Ann.

With each step and twirl, their hearts ignite,

Creating memories under the starlit night.

In the midst of their busy, bustling days,

They find time for family, in loving ways.

A letter from their grandchild so sweet,

Expressing gratitude and love that’s complete.

For the holidays, they prepare a feast,

Each ingredient and preparation, a masterpiece.

With a sigh and a smile, they complete their task,

Their love shines through, a gift that will last.

Grandma and Grandpa, thank you both,

For being such terrific people, we never loathe.

Your impact on our lives is truly profound,

In every moment shared, love is found.

So, as we gather ’round the holiday meal,

We cherish the time and the love we feel.

With you, our hearts forever aligned,

Grandma and Grandpa, one of a kind.