Halloween High Jinks

Devilish dancers!

Judy Saks

On Oct. 26 the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club got together for a “spooktacular” Halloween dance party. We had such a good time at the Whiskey Roads restaurant and bar at our February Valentine’s party that we decided to return. We were all eager to hit the dance floor and “rattle our bones.” But as we danced, we noticed that a variety of “creatures” appeared in our songs.

The first was the ever-popular “Monster Mash.” Then we tangoed to “The Ghost of You.” The “Werewolves of London” showed up as we danced a “frightful fandango.” Not everyone was dancing, as some were enjoying a tasty Whiskey Burger, pulled pork sandwich, or chef salad with chicken. After a few more “spine-chilling” turns around the dance floor, it was time to take a break and commence with our Halloween costume contest.

First prize went to club member Linda Gray who looked just adorable as Miss Piggy. Club member Dorothy Wood won second prize dressed as a skeleton lady with flaming orange hair. Third prize went to non-club member Rich Kresnicka (husband of club member Deb Kresnicka). Rich looked very authentic as a pirate. All three received a Food & Beverage gift card for SaddleBrooke One. Congratulations, winners!

When break time was over, “blood-curdling” screams could be heard as we danced to “Phantom Touch.” Thankfully, we did not need to worry about a witch, because “Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead!” Dancers had some fun doing a “Skeleton Shuffle” and did a cha cha when they encountered a “Devil Woman.” There were certainly a lot of ghouls, goblins, and apparitions lurking about. Some folks were actually scared stiff! No, not really. They were just the non-dancing spouses and “significant others” who happily watched from the sidelines. And what do you do when all these strange things appear? You call “Ghostbusters” of course!

As usual, a million thanks to our Social and Music Committees for all their hard work. Our wonderful dance parties just couldn’t happen without them.

Please check out our website sbldc.weebly.com. Got questions? Email our vice president Jaci McGeorge at [email protected]. Club dues are just $10 per year. So, don’t be scared. Try line dancing!