2022 MPWGA Summer Heat Tournament

Winners glowing and glistening in the heat of the camera following the Summer Heat tournament: Midge Mollenkopf, Ann Martin, Lan Nguyen, and Andrea Dresch (photo courtesy of Andrea Gray)

Ann Lange

Anyone looking for a hot time knows to call the MountainView/Preserve Women’s Golf Association (MPWGA), especially after someone else had turned the thermostat up to “hell” and then left for the summer. In order to have fun surviving new heat-setting records, the MPWGA created a new tournament, and on Aug. 23, “Summer Heat” sparked. Thirty-four red-hot mamas in their open-aired hot rods, ready and sweaty to burn some rubber and strike while their irons were hot, packed their heat, and with their big guns handy, took off to set the MountainView Golf Course on fire.

After 18 holes of scorcher-torcher trying to look cool with their worm burners, chili dips, and bunker fried eggs, the hotties headed to the MountainView Ballroom for some beat-the-heat liquid rejuvenation. The special Summer Heat cocktail, a Gray Goose Peach & Rosemary Spritzer, brought the wet, wild, wilted women back to life. The birdie-style lunch, a salad with fresh lettuce, tomato, and avocado, topped with a crispy chicken breast, and a Dove Bar for dessert, was a hit. The friendly and attentive food and beverage service we received from Sharon and John made these tasty treats even more enjoyable.

Our three hot-shot golf pros, Matt Hudson, Mike Karpe, and Richard Easley, sizzled us with their attendance. Mike took the hot seat announcing the winners and payouts to six of the nine Stableford teams. The smokin’ hot teams in hot pursuit of a place in the Hall of Flame were: First place: Ann Martin, Andrea Dresch, Lan Nguyen, Midge Mollenkopf; second place: Karen Wilson, Paula Michels, Linda DeWitt, Kristy Roesner. Their blaze of glory put a load of hot cash burning holes in their pockets.

The gals whose heat strokes landed their fireballs closest to the hot spot on the par-3 holes were Kathy Quesnell #4, Jean Cheszek #8, Midge Mollenkopf #13, Andrea Dresch #17. Josh Bishop, Wildfire Wing Company, presented each with a $100 value triple coupon.

Big banging bright firecrackers in appreciation of our sponsors Wildfire Wing Company and Dr. Steve Watson, R.S. Watson, DC. Wildfire is more than just hot wings—it also provides music and a fun atmosphere for post-golf activities. Through a series of treatments, Dr. Watson can help you re-adjust your body for a better life and a better golf game. We thank Debbie McMullin for her steaming hot idea for this event, and along with her hot ‘n spicy team (Donna Yon, Kim Cox, Marilyn Brewer, and Janey Clausen) for organizing it.

This summer has been one helluva heat spell—even hotter than hell’s back kitchen, and someone from down below keeps calling to get his weather back. Yet, we survived the first Summer Heat tournament, proving that you can still be a glam golf gal even when your forehead is dripping like a water spigot, and unless hell freezes over, we’ll play it again next year. Whether you golfed like hell, or golfed as hot as hell, all agreed: Living in SaddleBrooke is like a slice of heaven!