2019 MPMGA Board of Directors

2019 MPMGA Board of Directors (bottom row from left) Ed Skaff, Al Bolty, Pete Baragona, Dick Helms, Bill Webster; (top row) Jim Donat, Matt Kambic, Dan Schroeder, Don Erickson and Mike Miller

Jim Donat

The new year brings in many changes. Within the golf communities, it brings changes to the board of directors. For the men’s golf association there were several changes. We bid goodbye and a big thank you to the four members leaving the board, Larry Fox, VP; Dan Nordhill, Sponsorship; Greg Cahill, Membership and Bob Edelblut, Secretary/Publicity. These members donated a significant amount of personal time and energy to ensure a successful men’s golf association. Thanks again.

The new members filling these positions are Bill Webster, VP; Pete Baragona, Sponsorship; Mike Miller, Membership and Jim Donat, Secretary/Publicity. The new members are looking forward to providing the support and energy needed to make the golf association a continued success. These freshman members join the returning members of Matt Kambic, President; Ed Skaff, Treasurer; Al Bolty, Rules; Dan Schroeder, Handicap; Don Erickson, Special Events Coordinator and Dick Helms, Tournament Director. The new team has already met and is looking forward to the challenges of a new golf year.