Where to Enjoy Dancing in Tucson

Bob Osborne and Wanda Ross at last year’s Masquerade Ball (Photo by Sheila Honey)

Bob Osborne and Wanda Ross at last year’s Masquerade Ball (Photo by Sheila Honey)

Diana Durham

Dancing is fun, a social way to maintain and improve coordination as we enhance our auditory, visual, and mental abilities. Dancing is perhaps the most fun, effective, beneficial, and romantic exercise for your mind and body.

“Are there places in Tucson where you can ballroom dance?” you ask.

Oh yes! As many SaddleBrooke Ballroom Dance Club (SBDC) members have experienced, with just a few moves (that you can learn for free at SBDC dance lessons) you can dance somewhere almost every night!

Here are a few (of many) favorites.

* The Chicago Bar, Gaslight Music Hall, Monterey Court, and Rockabilly’s let you strut your stuff to live bands.

* Southern Arizona Chapter of USA Dance offers a monthly dance at the Armory, and there’s a monthly swing dance there as well.

* Tucson Swing Dance Club dance.

* SBDC reciprocates with SaddleBrooke Ranch and we attend each other’s monthly dinner dances.

* Right here in SaddleBrooke SBDC has two different practice dances each week, one monthly dance at the Vistas Dining Room, and one monthly dinner dance at the MountainView Ballroom.

* Many Tucson dance studios offer a paid dance lesson followed by a social dance.

Just Google the above site names for addresses and schedules, or Google “Where to Dance in Tucson” for more locations.

Our SBDC members find many dancing opportunities when traveling. USA Dance has chapters all across America. We found that the chapter in Las Vegas holds weekly dances at a huge casino ballroom, with a live band! From dozens of clubs in New York, to Blue Chicago or The Green Mile in Chicago, to Tiny’s in Santa Fe, we have found local places to dance when we’re on the road.

And there are cruises galore! Eventually ships will be back on the seas and dance will be available! Cunard is the premium ballroom dance cruise ship. All three of their ships (The Queens) have glorious dance floors, with live bands and orchestras that play every night. Bob Osborne, a SBDC member and frequent cruiser, says, “Dancing on a large dance floor is always a treat. Ladies love it because they can break out their favorite dressy dresses and feel good, looking classy.” There are many kinds of dance cruises. Other SBDC members, Carol and Gordon Odell, are taking a Polka Cruise. Carol said, “There will be lots of dancing and only those signed up for the polka part will be able to go to the dances.” How much fun is that!

A great place to dance is at your own SaddleBrooke Ballroom Dance Club. Please check our website, www.sbballroomdance.com, for dance opportunities. You’ll find registration times and places for lessons, dances, and how to join us. Our dances are not only fun and great exercise, they’re a wonderful way to get together with friends old and new. So, if you’re looking for a good time, please join us at SBDC, where the learning continues and the fun never ends.