Power of Us Campaign ‘18

Leslie Rocco

1000+ Tucson pets are homeless. Together we can help them.

Please support the Pet Rescue Network’s annual Power of Us campaign ‘18.

Seven years of hard work, generous donors, and adoptive families have produced amazing results. The Network re-homed 860+ animals, donated $128,600 and volunteered 25,220 hours. That’s the power of us! But pet abuse and abandonment are sad realities, so we can’t quit.

Our Power of Us Campaign seeks to raise $10k by March 30. We did it the last two years and, with your support, we’ll do it again and match $15k in the third Payoff Vet Debt campaign. A Tucson donor offered to double our match, so we could send $45,000 to pay vet debt for local rescues. Your donation will be tripled!

In 2017, our second Payoff Vet Debt matching campaign raised $15,991 from Tucsonians bringing total donations to $36,323 for local rescue with annual expenses of only $350. The “I Don’t Want It Sale” raised $5,500 for Pima Animal Care Center. And, our donation pick-up program completed its second year with 360+ stops to collect hundreds of pounds of food, countless bags of linens, and carloads of pill bottles and pet items for local rescues.

That’s the power of your support!

Donations of $20+ receive a Network membership. Donate online at www.sbpetrescue.com or to SB Pet Rescue, E Summers, 39459 S. Moonwood Drive, SB, AZ 85739.