Steve Garceau records the first Ace of 2018


Bob Edelblut

No one ever said a hole in one had to be beautiful. The good news is that no matter what they look like they all count the same—one. On Wednesday, January 17, Steve was playing with his regular Wednesday group at the Preserve. The pipeline construction project currently taking place had caused all tee boxes to be moved to the Platinum Tee on the infamous sixth hole. Steve said he thought the distance to the blue pin was about 130 yards give or take and he chose an eight iron for the shot. Okay, here’s the not so good part. “The shot was pulled and hit slightly thin and headed straight to the steep hill on the left side of the green.“ Ready for the good? The carom off the hill was perfect and the ball rolled quickly to the back of the green and found the cup directly in its path. Playing partners Rennie Temple and Bob Corley acknowledged the feat. This was Steve’s third career hole in one and second at the Preserve’s sixth hole. Congratulations again! Oh yes, Steve met friends he did not know he had when the celebration began after the round concluded.

Steve allows that golf has been part of his life for almost sixty years starting as a teenager in southern Indiana. His college years at Purdue University were, however, where his true love of the game was fostered. That love for the game and the ability to play same well fit perfectly with his career in sales and marketing. Steve in his interview for this article recounted some of those fabulous courses around the world he has been fortunate enough to play but you could tell that the people he met and the friendships he formed were the real blessings he received from the game of golf. Good story! Congratulations one more time.