MPLN applaud their volunteer “pairings” team

Left to right: Holly Riviere, Linda Miles and Diane Mazarella; not pictured Ilene Skinner

Left to right: Holly Riviere, Linda Miles and Diane Mazarella; not pictured Ilene Skinner

Carolyn Brinkley

Throughout the year the MountainView/Preserve Lady Niners (MPLN) play golf every Tuesday morning on either the MountainView or Preserve Golf courses. By Wednesday at noon, members wishing to play the following week must add their name to the Chelsea system. This gives the “Pairings” team, a team of four MPLN volunteers, their list of players for the following week’s roster.

It is no small task to assemble a list of players with varying degrees of handicaps into a Starters Report. A Starters Report informs players who their partners will be the following week. This team tries to ensure that each foursome includes low as well as high handicapped players. They also prepare the annual calendar for the games that are played each week.

Another assignment, which can be a little tricky, is assembling a Starters Report for special tournaments because of the inclusion of outside players; this just adds to their challenge.

In addition to all that they do on a weekly basis, they also tally each players score to ensure accuracy before posting to the AWGA website. The final task in the process is the completion of the Winners Report. The Winners Report lists the players who have scored winning places in their flight based on the game of the week.

It is this team that MPLN is honoring this month. They are there to delete and add players, due to inclement weather conditions, to ensure that members of MPLN enjoy their weekly outings.

In 2017, the four members of the Pairings Team are Holly Riviere, Linda Miles, Diane Mazarella and Ilene Skinner.

Thank you for all you do to ensure that weekly Tuesday League play days run smoothly. MPLN could not enjoy their golf outings without the hard work and coordination that goes into this assignment.

From every member of MPLN, a big thank you.

Anyone interested in learning more about MPLN is invited to visit or call Membership Chair Rita Smith at 818-9239.