Your Cosmic Strategy, a life event

Quinn Tetterton

The SaddleBrooke Metaphysical Study Group is sponsoring a unique opportunity to hear internationally recognized Ascension Studies Guide and Intuitive Channeler, Quinn Tetterton, on Wednesday, January 9, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the SaddleBrooke One Activity Center. This is a free event.

Are you interested in discovering/remembering your past and present life gifts/abilities? Do you feel it is time to identify the source of what may be holding you back in this lifetime? Are you excited to create better relationships? Are you prepared to experience ancient Spirit Tech used to tap into the High Soul Level guidance that is always available? Are you ready to create your Cosmic Strategy via finding future successes and establishing the pathways for bringing those beneficial outcomes into your present timeline?

Come join Quinn Tetterton for a Live Charted and Channeled Magi Earth Sky Channeling Training presentation, where Magi Seership Mediations (the practical science of remembering the future) will be revealed and practiced by the class combined with Native American Clearing techniques. Your Channeling Meditation Experience will be followed by a Live Q&A session where various volunteers will be chosen by Mr. Tetterton to receive answers and insights about their life path, as well as other spiritual topics (providing as many three-minute participant readings as time permits).

Quinn Tetterton is an Ascension Studies Guide and Intuitive Channel. Part researcher, part mystic, Quinn has spent the past 25+ years immersed in esoteric sciences guided by adepts of the Magi Hermetic, Gnostic and Rosicrucian Mystery Schools, with a concentration in The Magi Charts (Science of the Cards/Book of Life) and the ancient Antediluvian/Egyptian/Chaldean methods of tracking past-life connections, as well as deep connections to the Native American sacred disciplines of the Star Nations taught by Hopi Spirit Callers and Navajo Shamans of the American Southwest, as well as various tribal guides of Northeastern America. To learn more visit and

Mr. Tetterton’s Spirit Journey has taken him from Philadelphia, PA, to Washington DC, Phoenix and Sedona AZ, Santa Fe, NM, Los Angeles, Ojai and Mt Shasta, CA, the UK, and most recently New York State where he has engaged in offering events, sessions and classes at Tushita Heaven, Yoga Mandali, Namaste Yoga Saratoga, Sabo (Saratoga Botanicals), Sisters of the Earth, AMP Galleries, The Stable Gate – Harvest Love Kirtan Festival as well as Tornesol Wellness (NYC).

If you would like to schedule a personal intuitive Magi destiny reading while Mr. Tetterton is here in Tucson, he can be contacted ahead of time at [email protected].

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