You Gotta Have Heart

Happy hearts (photo by Judy Saks)

Susie and Andy Anderson, one lucky couple (photo by Marty Fisher)

Judy Saks

There were many happy hearts and heartfelt feelings when the SaddleBrooke Line Dance Club held its belated Valentine’s party on Feb. 16. This time we went off-site to a new place, Whiskey Roads. This restaurant and bar is located at the back of the Foothills Mall and features a nice, big dance floor. And there were not just line dancers attending, but many “better halves,” too! When not dancing, folks were enjoying their choice of a burger or pulled pork or chicken sandwich.

Our Social Committee put together a poster with wedding photos from some of our club members. This was a lovely bunch of beautiful brides and handsome grooms. Social Committee Chairperson Lynne Kumza asked couples who had been married at least 30 years to come up for a picture with the poster. The couple with the longest marriage (53 years!) was Kaye and Dave Caulkins. And I can tell you that all these guys and gals still look great! Another lucky couple, Susie and Andy Anderson, won a bunch of Valentine’s balloons, because Susie had the hidden piece of candy under her seat.

Of course, the main reason for the party was to dance. As usual, the Music and Dance Committees did a fabulous job matching party-themed songs to our dances. Kudos to our Social Committee and dance leaders for making the evening fun and keeping things on track. What a great job these club members always do, and we truly appreciate their efforts. Now let’s talk a little bit about some of those party-themed songs (the song names are in quotes).

What would Valentine’s Day be without candy? So, we danced to “Chocolate.” And something that everyone wants is “True Love.” But no matter what life brings, it’s “Hard Not to Love It.” Sometimes you might be “Loco Enamorado,” which means crazy in love (and that could be a good or a bad thing). As we all know, romance doesn’t always go smoothly. So, you might be in “Trouble” if you have a bad break-up, but you “Can’t Let Go.” And if you’re a guy without a girl on Valentine’s Day, you might be “Mr. Lonely.”

Please check out our website Got questions? Please email our vice president Jaci McGeorge at [email protected]. Club dues are just $10 per year. Why not join the club and come party with us!