Yellowstone Dine & Dance Night—Yeehaw!

Yellowstone hosts (left to right): Dorothy Wood, Marci LeDuc, Reva Stolpe, Trudy Miller, Sue Schliepsiek, Debbie Timothy

It was a warm and breezy evening in late April, perfect for an outdoor country-western shindig. The Yellowstone Dinner Dance was one of the fixed-price events offered during the recent Oracle Schools Foundation (OSF) Fundraising Gala. Yellowstone Night was a sellout with 40 attendees, which contributed $2,000 to OSF preschools.

The party came alive on April 26 on the outdoor patio of the SaddleBrooke One tennis pavilion. Cocktails and country music started at 5 p.m., followed by a delicious chuckwagon dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, grilled hamburgers, ranch beans, and homemade coleslaw and potato salad. Dessert featured “cowboy cookies”—big enough to satisfy a Yellowstone ranch hand. After dinner, tables were pushed back and the dancing began. There was a little something for everyone: line dancing, country 2-step, cha chas, waltzes and “do your own thing.”

This event was organized, donated, and hosted by SaddleBrooke volunteers Marci and Bruce LeDuc, Trudy and Mark Miller, Sue and Dave Schliepsiek, Reva and Randy Stolpe, Debbie and Andy Timothy, and Dorothy and Gary Wood. DJ music support was provided by Sheila Honey.

A big thanks to all who attended to enjoy and support this awesome event.