The WWII Roundtable presents Allied bombing against Germany


Larry Linderman

US Army Air Force and England’s Bomber Command teamed up to rain death and destruction like the world had never before seen on Nazi Germany during the last two years of World War Two. While the Allies attacked German war production facilities, train yards, troop concentrations, harbors, airfields and other military targets they also spent tremendous resources bombing large civilian populations, most famously Dresden. To be sure, this was done with the intention of lowering German morale and bringing the war to as speedy an end as possible.

The questions historians have asked since then are: What did the campaign accomplish and was it worth the cost in blood and treasure? Did the bombing shorten the war, did it end or slow down German weapon production, and was the death of over 90,000 American and British airmen justified by the results?

Roundtable member Larry Linderman will present a slide show and lead a discussion on this aspect of the war. As usual it will be held in the Sonoran room of MountainView Clubhouse on Thursday, February 15 at 1:00 p.m.

All members of the SaddleBrooke community and guests are invited. These presentations are free.