Write Your Own Memoirs

Stuart Watkins

Everyone in a retirement community has a story to tell and life experiences to share.

Think of writing 500-word descriptions of various parts of your past life.

Early childhood experiences: School choices; awards won along the way.

Current life choices: sports, marriage, and college, for example.

Fellowships and friendships won and lost.

Start with a paragraph. Do not think in terms of a book.

Pictures of family and events sprinkled in now and then add to the reader’s enjoyment.

Go to Kindle Direct Publishing for their templates—I suggest the 6×9 template.

Font size is recommended as 12, but for large print, I use 16 Times New Roman.

Stuart Watkins is a member of SaddleBrooke Writers Group and is glad to help others get their stories in print. He can be contacted at 520-548-5559.