Would You Like to Teach an ILR Class in SaddleBrooke?

Ken Marich

Do you have a desire to teach? Become an instructor in the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) program and make your dream come true. You don’t need teaching experience, just the desire to share your knowledge with your community. Your expertise might be derived from your job, your avocation, or your lifelong passion.

What types of courses are offered by the ILR? The ILR is an adult education program that provides courses on a wide variety of topics including history, art, science, medicine, literature, music, astronomy, religion, mythology, magic, dinosaurs, wine appreciation, and many more. All courses are designed to meet the needs of active retirees, just a group of residents getting together to learn something new and to enjoy stimulating discussions.

Here are a couple of quotes from two of our more experienced instructors regarding their teaching experience in the ILR program.

“I love teaching ILR students! SaddleBrooke retirees are well-educated, well-traveled, and intellectually curious—all of which makes for great classroom teaching and discussion!”—Linda Griffin

“SaddleBrooke has a residency of people who seek to broaden their knowledge and perspective. I enjoy teaching in the ILR program so I can share my musical expertise and feel personally rewarded to see my students comprehend music at a higher level.”—Punch Howarth

How long are the courses? Courses usually last five to six weeks, depending on the subject, and meet once a week for two hours. This allows the instructor ample time to develop the topic and for class discussion. There are no tests, no grades, and no papers, making this an enjoyable experience for both the instructor and the students. The ILR has two academic terms, one in the winter/spring and the other in the fall.

What does the ILR provide for the instructor? The ILR will publicize your class and assign you a meeting room. Classes are usually limited to 25 to 40 students. You will be provided with audio-visual equipment, and the ILR registrar will handle all the student registration.

How do you get started? Develop a course outline that provides a brief overview and what topics will be covered in each session. Include a brief resume summarizing your area of expertise. The ILR can provide teaching and course development mentoring by experienced instructors if desired by the prospective instructor. This information will be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee. You will get a response regarding your course within a few weeks. For more information, contact Mel Durchslag, chairman of curriculum development, at [email protected] and request an instructor’s packet. The ILR welcomes any SaddleBrooke resident to teach or attend an ILR course.

Join the ILR and experience the joy of teaching and learning!