WOOO Wine Tasting on Tour

Dee Berisha

Separated from the rest of mainland Europe by the Pyrenees Mountains lies the enchanting countries of Spain and Portugal. The ladies of WOOO (Women On Our Own) spent a delightful evening exploring the vineyards and wines produced on the Iberian Peninsula.

Our hostess chose several wines, both red and white, for the guests to sample. Each woman wrote her impressions of each wine for taste and desirability, not knowing the price of each wine or how it had ranked in wine magazines or by sommeliers. Before discussing the wines and revealing preferences, the guests enjoyed a variety of tapas brought by the tasters.

The hostess revealing each wine, where it could be found, and the price was lots of fun. But hearing from each of the tasters their impressions of each wine was quite enlightening. Several of the wines found reviews from, “I don’t like a fizz in my wine,” to “Well, isn’t that refreshing?” offered for the same wine. None were unanimous in likability.

We saw that our tastes in wines ranged from strictly white preferences to strictly red preferences, to sweeter wines, or a more tart-tasting wine, or those of us who chose a wine based on the food being served. One thing that we all agreed on was the lovely port wine brought by one of the guests as an after-dinner treat accompanied by a bold white cheese. To our delight, some of us learned that true port wine only comes from Portugal.

This wonderful evening only proved to the WOOO ladies once again that variety truly is the spice of life!

If you are a single woman living in SaddleBrooke, not in a committed relationship, and you are interested in learning more about WOOO, please contact our president Charly McInroy with questions or to receive a membership form. Her contact information is [email protected] or 603-387-0149. Happy tasting!