Wood Carving—Try It, You’ll Like It!

Jay Rosenlof

At first glance at wood carving, you might say, “I don’t think so.” But wait! Maybe you inherited that gene of past generations of wood carvers. Maybe it came from your long-forgotten ancestors or maybe from one of your parents. All it would take is to pick up a piece of wood and begin whittling. Who cares how it comes out if you find joy in the activity?

One of our wood carvers is Ken Padgham, a long-time member of our Carving Club. When he was a new member with no carving experience, Ken joined the Carving Club hoping that there were some forgotten creative genes from his past from a renowned sculpture.

Ken is not exactly a traditional carver. Instead of animals, caricatures, or 3-D pictures, Ken decided to approach carving animals in motion. He was inspired by the grace and beauty of animals flying, swimming, and running. He read a number of books by various carvers and focused on J. Christopher White who carves most of his projects out of tree roots and driftwood. Ken took some of his ideas and began carving his animals on the move.

His Leaping Marlin, Roadrunner, Bird in Flight, and Flying Quail framed picture are all unique and show that creativity comes in many forms.

We meet in the Turquoise Room at MountainView. We are there all day on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come in and meet the group. What do you have to lose? We can provide tools and wood and offer mentoring help to get you started. It is a great way to meet some interesting folks who share a passion for creating their ideas out of wood.