Winter in SaddleBrooke

Cover outside spigots with insulation cups.

Cover outside spigots with insulation cups.

Wrap all pipes with insulation tape.

Wrap all pipes with insulation tape.

Stuart Watkins

Yes, sometimes SaddleBrooke gets freezing temperatures and sometimes our water pipes burst. However, if you take preventative steps frozen pipes will not be a problem you encounter. Seeking the advice of a professional, like Paul The Plumber (WWW.PAULTHEPLUMBERNH.COM/), can also put your mind at ease about frozen pipes as you can get some pretty useful advice.

These pictures will illustrate some of the steps to take and I will describe what the pictures illustrate.

A large insulation bag is needed for the water pipes in front, and two insulation cups to put over the two outside spigots. Unscrew any water hoses because the water in the hose can freeze and the freezing water will go right into the walls of your house and possibly burst the inside water pipes. Big problem.

After you detach the water hoses, take a “Styrofoam Cup” and hook the rubber circle found inside the cup around the water spigot and cinch the cup up tight against the wall of the house. Notice that I replaced the old circular handles on the spigot with a lever that is easy to turn and shows you right away if the water is turned off or is in the flow, or on, position.

These supplies are available at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes, unless you have waited too long and the stores are out. This has happened to me in the past and I had to scurry all over town to find the large insulation bag. There are insulated “blankets” that are available, but I prefer the insulated bags.

The large insulation bag will go over the water pipes in front of the house. I bought an extra one this year to provide more protection. I also bought two extra insulation cups to have on hand or give to a neighbor who may be in need.

You may notice my pipes have also been wrapped with insulation tape. One more security step.

There are handymen living in SaddleBrooke who can switch the handles on your spigots if you decide to do that, and who can wrap your pipes with insulation tape if you want the added security. Contact me for the numbers of men I have hired in the past.

When all this is done, you can take off on winter trips and not be concerned if the weather drops below freezing, because it will, but you will be protected.