You could win a car

Nan Nassar

How could you not want a Jeep? Great visibility, very versatile, fun for pets and kids and not a bad ride to dinner.

The Jim Click Automotive Team is offering a 2014 Jeep Cherokee as a raffle prize that benefits local 501c3 charities in the greater Tucson area. SaddleBrooke Community Outreach is one of those charities and now has a limited number of raffle tickets.

The cost of the tickets is $25 for one or $100 for five. The total amount of your purchase goes directly to SBCO and will be used for our programs for Kids’ Closet, Teen Closet and education which includes scholarships, tutoring and support of enrichment opportunities as well as food programs. While color and options on the Cherokee are at the discretion of the Jim Click Automotive Team, you could still drive away with a new car for a $25 ticket.

The raffle is aimed at people in the Tucson area, but it is also open to those from further afield. If you aren’t local to Tucson but you turn out to be the lucky winner then you will have to arrange the collection of the Jeep yourself. If you cannot travel to Tucson to collect it in person then you might want to use this vehicle shipping company – check it out.

If you’re wanting a chance to win this vehicle, it might be worth to find car insurance quotes online for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee to check you can run the car, as the winner will be 100% financially responsible for the car after the winner is selected and has accepted. This 2014 model has a new design and better gas mileage than previous models. The distinct grill is still quite noticeable although with a modest change. The car even has the option of starting or stopping the engine from the key fob, but I do not recommend keeping your keys in your pocket. This car is fab and if you are searching for another model to suit your individual driving needs, a fuel efficient Ford F150 is a recommended model if you are looking for something comfortable, reliable and strong. All cars have different qualities to suit the drivers and finding qualities that suit you as a driver is important. Car events are great places to look for the right make and model.

A total of 50,000 tickets will be sold. If you wish to take part in the raffle and support needy children in neighboring communities, you are welcome to contact SBCO president Maggie de Block at 818-7835 or Treasurer Anne Everett at 850-1365. The drawing will take place in the fall, but remember the number of tickets is limited. If you are a snowbird act now.