Wildland Fire Season Is Here … Have You Signed Up Yet?

Linda Shannon-Hills

Pinal County has implemented an emergency mass notification system to alert residents and businesses about emergencies and other important community news. The Pinal Emergency Notification System (PENS) enables Pinal County to provide residents with critical information quickly and effectively in a variety of situations, such as major roadwork, road closures, severe weather, fires, hazardous materials incidents, evacuations, extreme heat warnings, and other emergency events.

Time-sensitive messages will be delivered for your chosen location, in whichever way you specify, via cell, home, and work phones, and by text messaging and/or email. You pick where; you pick how. Stay informed; sign up today! Visit the Pinal County website www.pinalcountyaz.gov. On the right side on the front page, scroll down to “Sign up for…” and click on “Emergency Notification System.”

If you are interested in what is happening in Pinal County, sign up at this same website to receive Pinal County News & Announcements. Be sure to check “Register for District 4 SaddleBrooke.” You will receive in your email “Your Weekly Roundup from Pinal County,” information on elections and how to register, Pinal Pet Highlights, Board of Supervisor information, job openings, and much more.