When one no longer hears

Jennifer Jefferis

When one no longer hears

A helplessness nears

Nothing seems to connect

As if someone you love – had suddenly left

It shatters me – rearranges me

I fall at the thought

Into anger, sadness, denial

Yet still get up in the morning

Expecting it to be there – and realize

It is not

This must be a cruel mistake

Like a bad joke someone played

For how can this be?

Something has stolen my “me”

Life is not the same

I feel alone and shamed

No one seems to understand

Some yell because they think I hear

Others just give up

I am alone in a silent maze

Then someone comes along

And holds up a mirror for me to see

That though life is different

I can still find me

These people help retrieve me

Lead me

Make me more than I used to be

Because they are honest, clear and true

About what I can – and cannot – do

They walk beside me

They don’t turn their backs

They help me to connect the dots

So I come home to my self.