What’s new at SaddleBrooke Computer Club

Richard Beaty

Online Classes

Possibly the most exciting new thing to come to SBCC in a while is the decision to make some classes available online. The biggest advantage of online classes is convenience. Computer club members will be able to take online classes whenever they want – any time – anywhere. And they will be able to review any portion of an online class at will.

The first online class to launch is Computer Security, a topic everyone needs to know more about. As a service to the SaddleBrooke community, this class is available to all SaddleBrooke residents. You don’t have to be a Computer Club member to view this class. For more information about our online classes and to watch the Computer Security class, go to: www.ToolsToysAndTechnology.com/sbcc-online/

Traditional Classes

The current semester of our traditional classroom classes is well underway. While many classes have already started, new classes are periodically added. If you are a member of SBCC you usually get an email announcing these new classes, but you should also check out the class calendar (www.saddlebrookecc.org/calendar.html) for the latest class scheduling. To sign up for a class, go to www.saddlebrookecc.org/enroll.html.

These classes are open to SBCC members only. Membership allows you to sign up for as many classes as you wish. If you are not a member and would like to join, go to our website at www.saddlebrookecc.org and click on Membership for details. The classes are taught by our unpaid volunteer instructors who generously share their time and expertise to bring you these classes.

Tech Discussion Group

Steve Solberg has initiated a new Technical Discussion Group that meets every other Tuesday in the MountainView Bistro. Discussions center on different technical and computer topics. The discussions can be decidedly advanced and are not appropriate for beginners. But if you want to dig deeper into technical discussions, you might want to give this new group a try. To attend, you need to be a computer club member and get on Steve’s email list. Once you’ve signed up you’ll get an email notice in advance of each meeting with an agenda of the topics to be discussed. If you’re interested contact Steve Solberg: [email protected].

SBCC User Group Meetings

At the March 2 User Group meeting we discussed Using Cloud Drives. Speakers included Carlton Wiens on iCloud, Richard Beaty on OneDrive, Sue Moyer on Drop Box and Richard Spitzer on Google Drive.

Coming up on Monday, April 6 the User Group will consist of an Open Question and Answer Session. Instructors will be at different tables. You will be free to move about the room to ask your most burning questions. Meeting time is 1:00 p.m. in the MountainView East Ballroom.