What’s new at SaddleBrooke Computer Club?

Richard Beaty

Fall Classes Now Open for Registration

While it still feels like summer in SaddleBrooke, the fall season is upon us. And with the coming of fall comes a full class calendar from SaddleBrooke Computer club.

Fall classes officially opened for registration on August 15, but many of them still have openings. To see what courses are being given, check out the club calendar at www.saddlebrookecc.org and click on the Calendar link. For registration instructions, click on Enrollment. If you are a member of SaddleBrooke Computer Club you can register for as many classes as you wish.

If you are not a computer club member, go to saddlebrookecc.org/membership.html to find out how to join. There’s a one-time $55 ($80 per couple) membership fee when you first join. Membership comes with unlimited course registration privileges for the first calendar year of membership. In subsequent years, each member pays a single $30 course fee to register for all scheduled courses you wish to take. Fees are used to keep the classroom computers, software and related equipment up to date for your use during class.

Classes have limited enrollment so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. If you find that a class is full, keep an eye on the calendar for future availability.

Windows 10

By now you probably know that Windows 10 is here. You can learn more about this new operating system by signing up for one of the two scheduled Move to Windows 10 demonstration classes. See the course calendar at www.saddlebrookecc.org for details.

To provide for a smooth transition of the classroom experience, we will not install Windows 10 on the classroom computers for now. Those computers will continue running on Windows 8.1 for the time being. We will upgrade the classroom PCs to Windows 10 later this year.

Computer Security

I’m ending my summer series on various computer security topics by giving you access to my entire online course on the subject. To access this class go to: tinyurl.com/oxm459y and click the video play button. Topics covered in this online class include a discussion of Malware, How to Protect Yourself, Passwords and the secure use of the Cloud & Portable Devices. Total run time is 30 minutes. This online class is available to all SaddleBrooke residents for a limited time, even if you are not a computer club member. Later this year club membership will be required to access this class.

While our classroom classes will continue to be the primary teaching medium of SaddleBrooke Computer Club, more online classes are coming soon as an additional benefit of SBCC membership. Keep an eye out for future introductions of new online classes.