What’s new at SaddleBrooke Computer Club

Richard Beaty

At SaddleBrooke Computer Club we are always trying to improve our services and classes for the SaddleBrooke community. To that end, we’ve added a new function to our website to allow our members to give us feedback on the classes they are taking. Your input will be reviewed by our Board of Directors and considered as we make plans for the future.

If you’ve taken a class recently (since January 1, 2015), we invite you to give us your evaluation of that class. Go to www.saddlebrookecc.org – select Contact Us, and click on the Tell us how we’re doing link. This function will continue to be available to our class participants.

Online Classes

The main focus of SaddleBrooke Computer Club has always been to provide computer and technology education for our members. The primary mechanism for that is, and will continue to be, live classes in our well-equipped computer classroom presented by our all-volunteer teaching staff. But, as reported last month, we are also planning an online option which will allow computer club members to view specially designed classes via the Internet. The benefit of this is that a class can be taken online, right from your home, at any time.

This is a very involved project that will require instructors who wish to participate to produce online course content. On the technical side of things, we made a significant step forward this month when our Webmaster, Francis Adams, developed a prototype system for delivering online classes via our website. It will undoubtedly be next fall before we can start to see online classes rolling out. We’ll let you know when there is more to see.

For the current status of our online classes and to watch our first prototype class on Computer Security, go to: www.ToolsToysAndTechnology.com/sbcc-online.

Classroom Classes

As summer approaches, the number of classroom-based classes is winding down somewhat. But keep an eye on our calendar as courses get added from time to time. For you SaddleBrooke full timers, some classes are introduced during the summer months. Go to www.saddlebrookecc.org and select Calendar to see the latest class scheduling. To sign up for a class, click Enrollment.

SBCC User Group Meetings

The March 2 User Group Meeting on Using Cloud Drives was the most heavily attended in over a year. On April 6 at 1:00 p.m. in the MountainView East Ballroom we held an open Question and Answer session, where attendees could move from station to station, talking with instructors on their areas of expertise.

Starting in May, User Group meetings will be suspended for the summer. User Group meetings will resume in October with Dennis Korger speaking on the new Windows 10. Watch for more information on the exact time and place of this meeting.