What’s in It for All of Us?

Should SaddleBrooke merge its two HOAs?

United SaddleBrooke believes the numerous benefits from being a single community will make living here more enjoyable and owning here more valuable in the long-term. Obviously, it is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on the benefits. Some could be achieved through greater cooperation between the HOAs. Others would more likely be achieved through legal unification.

Below is a brief list of benefits United SaddleBrooke believes we will see as we (hopefully) enter into a new era of increased cooperation and communication between the HOA boards and eventual unification of our community.

A Better Governed Community

SaddleBrooke’s government is fragmented and broken. Merging the two HOAs will establish a more efficient and effective association to oversee and plan for SaddleBrooke’s many facilities, amenities, activities, and gorgeous environment.

Return to the Original Robson Vision

It’s time to return to Robson’s original vision of one community with one government and the simplicity and effectiveness it provides.

Guaranteed Amenities in Perpetuity

A single HOA removes the need for a Reciprocal Use Agreement (RUA) and guarantees the use of all amenities by all residents, in perpetuity.

Enhanced Sense of Identity

Individuals buy homes primarily in SaddleBrooke, not SaddleBrooke One or SaddleBrooke TWO. One HOA board governing with one set of rules, standards, and policies for all would greatly enhance community identity.

Stronger Community Spirit

The different approaches of the two HOAs have led to antagonism, bickering, lawsuits, bad feelings, confusion, and worry for homeowners. Instead, we should be united, as one community, in support of SaddleBrooke.

Uniform Policies, Rules, and Practices

A united HOA will provide a single, uniform set of policies, rules, and practices, which will eliminate a lot of confusion and frustration.

Synergies and Economies of Scale

A single HOA would operate more efficiently and effectively than the current two-HOA system.

Better Long-Range Planning

Unified long-range planning is critical for SaddleBrooke to maintain its appeal, not only to existing residents, but to new homeowners as well.

Shared Cost Burden for New Amenities

The RUA provides no basis for sharing the cost of new amenities. A merged community would work as one, equitably sharing costs.

Benefits for Clubs

With a single HOA, all clubs would register only once, have a single set of policies and procedures, and have access to all the meeting rooms in the entire community.

Market as One Community

What a dilemma for real estate agents who seek to present the positive image of a wonderful community yet must confront the reality of split resources and management. A single SaddleBrooke would send a clearer, more positive marketing message and help maintain our home values.

These many benefits are compelling reasons to begin formal discussions on unifying SaddleBrooke. Short term, much can be done through regularly held discussions aimed at greater cooperation between the two HOAs. In the long run, the full benefits of unification can be achieved when SaddleBrooke fully merges into one community.