Welcome (or Welcome Back) to Your Libraries

Janet Fabio

Now that we are able to socialize again, you may discover that you have a lot of new neighbors in your unit, and they’re learning about everything SaddleBrooke has to offer, including our libraries. The SaddleBrooke Community Libraries are open again, and it’s time to remember why they are such a heavily used amenity in our community.

The three libraries in SaddleBrooke operate as one system. The libraries are located in the DesertView Theater and Sports Complex, the SaddleBrooke One Clubhouse, and the MountainView Clubhouse, and they are free to all SaddleBrooke residents. Visit www.sblibraries.com to learn more!

New residents might say they don’t need a library because they have so many books on their e-reader device. While our libraries don’t offer eBooks for many reasons, they do offer much more than what you can find in electronic format.

New residents especially will want to peruse the Southwest collection in the DesertView Library. There is a range of information about the Southwest in one place, including a large section of books on desert gardening and plant selection. Find books about Tucson and Arizona history, geology, animals, and more. You won’t find many of these books in eBook format! Did you know that Tucson was the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy designated in the U.S.? Pick up one of the books featuring recipes from popular local restaurants.

Although you may not be doing a lot of hiking in the summer around Tucson, the Southwest collection has many guidebooks for hiking in all areas of Arizona. Planning a summer road trip? DesertView Library has a National Parks collection, plus a travel collection with helpful guidebooks.

Are you getting books you really want to read from your eBooks service? If you’re on a waiting list at the public library, how many months do you have to wait for the latest bestsellers? Your SaddleBrooke Community Libraries offer not only the latest bestsellers but a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, and they are all free. We don’t have 300 people on our reserve lists. You will get that new book much faster than at the public library.

Now that you’re living in a new place, the grandkids will want to come and visit. Bring them to the DesertView Library. The children’s collection has a selection of books about the desert Southwest and so much more for our younger visitors. Check it out!

Even if you subscribe to a streaming service for movies and TV series, it’s easy to browse our collection of thousands of movies and TV series in DVD format. If you enjoy audiobooks, choose from over 1,100 audiobooks at the DesertView Library. For those with vision issues, all three libraries offer a selection of popular books in large print format.

Look for bargains on the book sale carts at the DesertView and SaddleBrooke One libraries. For a few dollars, you can find reading material to take along on those trips you are now able to plan.

We invite all our new and established residents to stop in at any of the libraries. We know you will find something of interest and a reason to keep returning to your libraries!